Pour Over Timer

Pour Over Timer is a simple tool helps you brewing hand-drip coffee. The recipe is based on the famouse 4:6 brewing method:

  1. Blooming for 45s
  2. Add 40% of water in 30s
  3. Add the remaining water in 30s

Though most coffee scales have built-in timers, I find it hard for hand-drip beginners to control the flow rate during pouring phases.

How much water should it be now that the timer shows 0:57?

And that’s where Pour Over Timer steps in.

Pointers of the scale and stopwatch icons are animated, adding more details (and a bit of fun) to the interface.

Full screen progress bar s allow users keep track of the pouring progress just by glimpsing.

Vibrations are also used for hinting the end of each pouring phase.