Word Game Helpers

Role: Designer / Developer
Date: 2021 - 2022

Wordle became phenomenal in early 2022. And I created a series of word game helpers helping people “cheat” the games. 

They are open-source on GitHub.
Xrossword is the helper for Crossword (fill in every word base on the hints)

See how Xrossword (on the right) solves the puzzle

Beekeeper is the helper for Spelling Bee (create as many words as you can using letters from the hive, and the center letter must be included)

See how Beekeeper (on the right) solves the puzzle

Wordle Companion (not a very creative name I admit) is the helper for Wordle (guess the word in six tries)

See how Worldle Companion (on the right) solves the puzzle

this is the end, for now