Pour Over Timer

Role: Designer / Developer
Date: 2022

Pour Over Timer is a simple tool helps you brewing hand-drip coffee. It is based on 4:6 brewing method:

1. Blooming for 45s
2. Add 40% of water in 30s
3. Add the remaining water in 30s

Though most coffee scales have timing function, I find it hard for hand-drip beginners to control the flow rate during pouring phases.

“How much water should it be now that the timer shows 0:57?”

And that’s where Pour Over Timer steps in.
First Enter the amount of powder, powder/water ratio, or amount of water you desired.

Things are little difference for ratio input, I ditched the decimal point. It may seemed unconventional, but once you get used to it, you will find it efficient and intuitive. And the bonus is that the keypad layout could remain unchanged for all input fields.

Then hit the start button.

Dark mode is supported
Dark mode is supported

Pointers of the scale and stopwatch icons are animated, adding more details (and a bit of fun) to the interface.

Full screen progress bar s allow users keep track of the pouring progress just by glimpsing.

Vibrations are also used for hinting the end of each pouring phase.

this is the end, for now